Selected publications:


Inflammatory macrophage memory in nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug-exacerbated respiratory disease

Pascal Haimerl, Ulrike Bernhardt, Sonja Schindela, Fiona D R Henkel, Antonie Lechner, Ulrich M Zissler, Xavier Pastor, Dominique Thomas, Alexander Cecil, Yan Ge, Mark Haid, Cornelia Prehn, Janina Tokarz, Matthias Heinig, Jerzy Adamski, Carsten B Schmidt-Weber, Adam M Chaker, Esser-von Bieren J. - Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 2021 Jun 12

An anti-inflammatory eicosanoid switch mediates the suppression of type-2 inflammation by helminth larval products

de Los Reyes Jiménez M, Lechner A, Alessandrini F, Bohnacker S, Schindela S, Trompette A, Haimerl P, Thomas D, Henkel F, Mourão A, Geerlof A, da Costa CP, Chaker AM, Brüne B, Nüsing R, Jakobsson PJ, Nockher WA, Feige MJ, Haslbeck M, Ohnmacht C, Marsland BJ, Voehringer D, Harris NL, Schmidt-Weber CB, Esser-von Bieren J. - Science Translational Medicine. 2020 Apr 22.

House dust mite drives proinflammatory eicosanoid reprogramming and macrophage effector functions.

Henkel FDR, Friedl A, Haid M, Thomas D, Bouchery T, Haimerl P, de Los Reyes Jiménez M, Alessandrini F, Schmidt-Weber CB, Harris NL, Adamski J, Esser-von Bieren J. - Allergy. 2018 Dec 16.

Immune-regulation and -functions of eicosanoid lipid mediators
J Esser-von Bieren - Biological Chemistry, 2017

Age dictates a steroid resistant cascade of Wnt5a, transglutaminase-2 and leukotrienes in inflamed airways
K Dietz, M de los Reyes Jiménez, E Gollwitzer, AM Chaker, UM Zissler, OP Rådmark, H Baarsma, M Königshoff, CB Schmidt-Weber, BJ Marsland, J Esser-von Bieren - Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 2016

Immune Antibodies and Helminth Products Drive CXCR2-Dependent Macrophage-Myofibroblast Crosstalk to Promote Intestinal Repair
J Esser-von Bieren, B Volpe, DB Sutherland, J Bürgi, JS Verbeek, ... - PLoS pathogens, 2015

Antibody-Mediated Trapping of Helminth Larvae Requires CD11b and Fcγ Receptor I
J Esser-von Bieren, B Volpe, M Kulagin, DB Sutherland… - The Journal of Immunology, 2014

Antibodies Trap Tissue Migrating Helminth Larvae and Prevent Tissue Damage by Driving IL-4Rα-Independent Alternative Differentiation of Macrophages
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Antibodies and IL-3 support helminth-induced basophil expansion
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Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid exosomes contribute to cytokine and leukotriene production in allergic asthma
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Zymosan suppresses leukotriene C4 synthase activity in differentiating monocytes: antagonism by aspirin and protein kinase inhibitors
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Exosomes from human macrophages and dendritic cells contain enzymes for leukotriene biosynthesis and promote granulocyte migration
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Coactosin-like protein functions as a stabilizing chaperone for 5-lipoxygenase: role of tryptophan 102
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