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Climate impact on birch pollen flight: Big data analysis and surprising messages!

Climate change is generally considered to worsen allergy, because of extended pollination periods and higher allergen load in the pollen. In our new manuscripts the situation is re-analyzed by Jesus Rojo & Jeroen Buters on large data sets of pollen flight, but also on the distribution of the birch tree. The result is surprising: Most areas will see a decline in birch pollen load, except a few colder places in the Alps. See details on: https://doi.org/10.1111/gcb.15824

The precises monitoring of health risks will be important in the future and efforts of the Bavarian Ministery of Health and the Ministery of Environment with the "Landesamt für Gesundheit adn Lebensmittel Sicherheit" ( LGL) are critically important in this regard. The LGL together with ZAUM has setup the world-wide first automatic pollen measurement network (ePIN) that allows this kind of risk assessment.