ZAUM built the world-wide first Pollen Indikator


The Pollen Indikator shows on-line the most recent pollen flight in Munich with a 3hrs lag-time. Two novelties lead to this Indikator: 1. Bavaria is world-wide the first state that implemented a network of 8 robotic pollen monitors (from Helmut Hund GmbH, Wetzlar, Germany) that by image recognition determine how many pollen are in the air, and puts this data free for all on-line to download. 2. The Pollen Indicator connects to the pollen robot in Munich and displays the concentrations of different pollen currently in the air in Munich. Vertically the expected level of symptoms is displayed (for those allergic to this pollen), horizontally the exact concentration of airborne pollen is displayed.

ZAUM expects that with this Pollen Indicator Bavarian Citizens are enabled to better cope with their allergic diseases, and to create awareness by delivering actual pollen counts.

Link to Pollen Indicator