New Helmholtz Young Investigator group “Innate Immunomodulation” at IAF


Macrophages are key cells of the innate immune response against infections, but their roles in allergy and other type 2 inflammatory diseases are poorly understood. With her research team, Julia Esser-von Bieren wants to shed new light on how macrophages are reprogrammed during allergic inflammation. In the recent competitive call for Helmholtz Young Investigator (HYI) groups, Julia Esser-von Bieren’s proposal was selected as one of the 15 new research groups that will be funded during a six year period. The HYI funding will allow Esser-von Bieren’s team to perform cutting edge research on “Macrophage reprogramming in type 2 inflammation”. By exploring mechanisms behind the pro-inflammatory roles of macrophages and developing new strategies to reprogram these cells, the HYI group aims to innovate the therapy of allergy and related diseases.