First world-wide interactive pollen station map

ZAUM is proud to announce the first interactive map showing all available pollen monitoring stations in the world.


Pollen are airborne biological particles that are important markers of air quality, as one in five citizens in Europe suffers from an allergy, mostly to pollen. Pollen are also a good indicator of climate change. It is therefore no wonder that pollen is monitored worldwide.

The map is interactive, meaning that it can be adjusted to the individual needs of the user. For instance, the method of pollen collection at each station, which is very important for the reported data, can be searched and displayed. Several of such filters are available.

The map will foster cooperation among stakeholders working on pollen. Please be aware that NO POLLEN DATA are displayed. The actual pollen data can be easily requested from the owner, listed by mouse click for each station.

This work was a collaboration between the University of Evora, Portugal and ZAUM/IAF (Zentrum Allergie & Umwelt and Institut für Allergieforschung) and was financially supported by a grant from the EAACI Task Force “Pollen monitoring sites of the world” TF 40108.

The Task Force was initiated by Prof. Jeroen Buters (Germany) and constructed with the help of Prof. Dr. Celia Antunes and Ana Jorge (Portugal). The map was written by Dr. Jose Oteros (ZAUM, Germany).

Access the map here.