Recombinant antigen 5 from seven hymenoptera species in diagnosis



Neuherberg, August 2016: Stings of hymenoptera can cause severe anaphylaxis in untreated venom-allergic patients. A correct diagnosis regarding the relevant species for immunotherapy is often hampered by clinically irrelevant cross-reactivity. Maximilian Schiener in the group of Dr. Simon Blank (Molecular and Translational Allergology) could show that the application of recombinant produced antigen 5 of different Hymenoptera species in sIgE measurements together with basophil-activation tests (Prof. Dr. Eberlein, Department of Dermatology and Allergy Biederstein, Technical University of Munich) allows the individual dissection of clinically relevant sensitization.
Application of recombinant antigen 5 allergens from 7 allergy-relevant Hymenoptera species in diagnostics, doi 10.1111/all.13000, Original Publication