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Goal: Vaccination has and will change health globally. With this activity we would like to bring together colleagues, who are interested in developing tolerogenic vaccinations independently of the disease area, which could be autoimmune diseases as well as type-2 diseases such as allergy. Immunology provides exciting approaches that can now be developed further to clinical applications in diagnosis, prevention and therapy. 

The meeting will kick-off with unexpected findings showing that tolerogenic vaccination also involves the innate immune system ranging from epithelial cells, innate lymphocytes and stromal cells. On the next day we will look at the interface between the innate and the specific immune system: The dendritic cells. Is exhaustion important in tolerogenic vaccination? How can we re-programm T cells. We will also look at several very novel and unexpected data around and from Tregs. On the last day we will look at metabolic mechanisms of tolerance and reprogramming and applied aspects of tolerogenic vaccination.  

The meeting is planned as online meeting, but we keep the option of meeting personally as well. 

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The access and registrationto the meeting is free of charge. Please register here

This meeting is organized by Prof. Francesca Fallarino (Univ. Perugia, Italy) and Prof. Carsten Schmidt-Weber (Technical University & Helmholtz Center Munich).